Unique and Evidence Based Programs

We provide an extensive array of professional and peer services to individuals and families. The Ready Peer Support Model (Walking Symbol) “Education- Self Assessment- Restructuring- Resources- Support” cultivates success in a positive and holistic way. “From visioning the best version of oneself to becoming the best version of oneself”.

Adult and Youth Professional Development Workshop

Our professional development workshop introduces participants to essential skills required for securing and sustaining employment. This program covers resume building, mock interviewing, ethics, networking, job retention, and advancement. Associates have the option to participate in group or individual sessions based on their preferences and needs. 

Breaking the Stigma

This 12-week (designated 2 hours sessions) workshop educates participants on the conditioning, addictive personality factors and stages of moral development that develop the character of a dealer. Participants gain access to self-assessment tools for identifying the root of their dealing, prevention planning, resources for barrier removal and support. This workshop can be hosted in a condensed versions of 2 and 8 hours.

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Mentorship and Peer Support

The peer support and mentorship program connects both teenagers and adults with compatible mentors and peer support. Mentors undergo a screening process and are matched with preteens and teens aged 12 to 18 years old based on suitability, with defined goals for fostering healthy and progressive relationships.

Adult peer supports are certified peer support specialists with “lived experience,” specifically trained to assist individuals grappling with mental health challenges, psychological trauma, substance use, and similar life experiences. The unique personal experiences of peer support specialists contribute expertise that professional training alone cannot replicate.

Passion Over Pension, Purpose Before Profit

Frequently, poverty hinders the intrinsic and moral development of adolescents. Circumstantial factors adversely impact and misdirect the minds of youth into equating success with material gain and less with moral evolution and growth.

Consequently, this perpetuates egocentric individualism and neglects the importance of collective purpose and responsibility. Our workshop aims to enlighten youth about the true principles of success, challenging and motivating them to envision and strive towards becoming the best version of themselves.

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PALS (Professional Active Listening Services)

A confidential and nonjudgmental Peer Support active listening service that offers individuals the freedom to discuss personal issues without unsolicited advice. “PALS’ ” are peer support specialists   distinct from medical practitioners, who ensure a confidentiality  and a supportive environment for those seeking an outlet. PALS are available Monday – Sunday: 8:00 PM – 8:00 AM. Call (513) 913-6148.

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