Transformative Support for Individuals and Families

Ready Peer Support offers a comprehensive range of professional and peer services to families and individuals. Renowned as the leading provider of dealer education and transformation services, we are dedicated to facilitating positive change.

About Tevis

Tevis, is a Peer Support Specialist, former dealer, and restored citizen with a proven track record of success. Tevis uses a unique blend of education, lived experience and innate gifts to help associates successfully transition to life beyond dealing. Tevis has served in prior roles as a clinical corrections provider, professional development coach, service coordinator, behavioral health specialist and reentry transitional specialist. Tevis's recipe for success is rooted in his deep understanding of how individuals are conditioned.

He uses an autonomy supportive coaching style to working with both adults and adolescents. As Tevis states, “A shared vision, strategy, and accountability are the keys to developing progressive relationships”. These principles are what help his clients achieve their goals. Tevis's expertise in working with individuals who are incarcerated and engaged in reentry services, as well as his skills in partnering with individuals striving towards financial and character growth, make him an exceptional Dealer Intervention and Peer Support Specialist. He is dedicated to serving those in need and passionate about making a positive impact on his clients' lives.

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How Ready Peer Support Came About

During his tenure at different non-profit organizations, as Tevis cultivated his skills and credentials, his innate leadership style, characterized by a strong sense of competitiveness, consistently placed him in cultural conflicts—a dynamic parallel to the success he achieved.

Having entrepreneurial experience and drive, the day came when he said to himself, “I can do this better than it's being done”. Observing the lack of passion, lack of urgency, disconnection, and complacency among other service providers, as well as witnessing organizations prioritizing funding and branding over client success, relationships and meaningful outcomes.

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